What is IoT Mentor

IOT Mentor designs and provides comprehensive IoT Solutions and Services to help you build a full-scale ecosystem around Internet of Things solutions, giving your business increased operational efficiency and competitive edge to your company.

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Why Chose IOT Mentor Solutions?

  • We have only passionate professionals aboard in the company who are striving to develop themselves in the latest technologies together with IOT Mentor company.
  • Communication is a key for us, hence we used to reply shortly and we’re always glad to have a call. Also, you will be always receiving day-to-day reports on the scope of work that was completed.
  • We’re working only with the tasks we’re sure we can handle. In 96% of cases we meet the deadlines but we fairly admit that beforehand for other 4% if we don’t and propose optimal solutions.
  • We have weekly Saturday IoT meetups which are organised by our team leader during which every member of the company can improve his/her IoT skills and work with IoT devices. Of course, the major part of our commercial projects are IoT ones as well.

What's Special in IOT Mentor

  • Strong R&D unit
  • Feasibility and prototyping
  • Experience in embedded technologies
  • Flexibility, quick-start and assigned account manager

Smart Solutions

Whether you are a small or larger structure, we have a solution for you!

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